SP Capital Competition

SPC believes that for business to be successful, competition has to be vigorous,free and fair.

We shall compete through the inherent quality and excellence of our products and services, never through illegal, unethical or unfair business practices.

We respect our competitor's proprietary information. We also respect our competitor's rights.

We shall not try to secure an advantage by ridiculing the competition. Whilst our information memoranda should never be misleading in any manner, it should not fail to highlight our competitive strengths.

We shall support the development of laws that promote, encourage or result in fair competition.

A proper choice of business partners is vital for the success of the Company and of the S.P. Capital Financing Limited companies.

Associations shall be encouraged, in India or abroad, with such entities as are able to add value to the Company's products or services, or help fulfill the strategic growth plans of the Company.

Only such persons shall be selected to be our business partners where there is a complete match in the partner's manner of conduct of business, core values and other business principles and processes.

We shall maintain mutually lasting and beneficial relationships with all our suppliers, customers and other business partners, including Joint Ventures.

We shall respect the interest of all our business partners and in our dealings with them, shall act with fairness, integrity and transparency.

Business partners shall not be expected, directly or through employees, or vice versa, to do anything in the course of their dealings with the Company that is not permitted under this Code.