The Community

SP Capital Community

SPC would like to be counted amongst those corporates that strive to create a better society.

SPC supports a deep integration of Corporate Social Responsibility into its operations. By so doing, it seeks to remain responsive to the demands and expectations of its employees, local communities and other stakeholders, and influence the quality of life and economic prospects of people across the country.

There is no restriction on the opportunities for involvement, which would include Childcare, Community Centres, Crisis Management, Education, Environmental Protection, Medical Relief, Rural Development, Sports, Art, Culture and the Performing Arts, and Philanthropy. It is not essential that these programs be related to the business of the Company.

The technology used in the manufacture of our products shall not result in effluents or toxic waste being released unless treated in accordance with the prevalent pollution control laws.

Every effort shall be made to maintain the ecological balance, conserve scarce natural resources and avoid pollution.

Employees are encouraged to contribute to society and their communities during their leisure time.